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5 to 10 Year Campers

At AstroCamp, 5 to 10 year campers receive a gift of appreciation for their years of attendance. The founders of AstroCamp, Ross and Kristi Turner, quickly learned that with AstroCamp’s educational, social and fun summer camp activities, many campers would return year after year. They not only came back to expand on the skills and certifications they gained the previous year, but more importantly, they returned to hang out with their new friends and enjoy the Astrocamp community.

To honor campers who returned to camp for multiple years, Ross and Kristi began presenting custom embroidered fleeces to 5-year campers and custom embroidered jackets to 10-year campers. It’s become a great Astrocamp tradition that continues. Campers covet these tokens of appreciation and accomplishment, wearing them to camp year after year.

5 to 10 year campers

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