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Now You know: 3D Printing

Here at AstroCamp, one of our coolest summer classes is 3D Printing! It’s a quickly evolving field, with lots of exciting improvements always popping up. Our class at camp is pretty simple, but still allows you to get a lot of hands-on experience with the whole process. The 3D printer itself is a relatively simple device….

One Week Program – Crew Nights

It’s 6.00pm. You’ve just had a long day of classes, electives, and everything else that fills in those cracks. Camp Director Brian Straka is yelling about what else is going on that night, when suddenly your counselors start announcing this thing called “Crew Night.” What the world is that? What’s gonna happen?! The answer —…

How to Improve Your Improv

“Improv. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But when it does, it’s like open-field running.” -Robin Williams Improv is one of the many classes that we offer here at AstroCamp during the summer. To an outsider it might just look like a bunch of silly games, but improvisational theatre is a unique art form that…

Choosing Your Electives at AstroCamp

From doodling to D&D, from board games to yoga, from jamming with your friends to relaxing in the meadow – and everything in between – there are tons of awesome electives here at AstroCamp. These classes are quick, one-off adventures led by an instructor who’s excited to share this time with you. If you want…

First Day of Camp Tips

Your things are packed, the car is loaded, and you’re on your way up the mountain. During the trip, beautiful views pass you as you wind back and forth up the roads. But despite your excitement, you can’t help but be a little nervous, and you ask yourself, “What’s about to happen?” Welcome to your…

Cosmic Lander: An Engineering Challenge

Here is an engineering challenge for you. Drop a water balloon from the second story of a building onto a rocky bottom and have it survive. In Cosmic Lander, our students do just that! In this popular class at AstroCamp, our campers transform into teams of engineers. They model landing fragile scientific gear (the water…

Take Summer Camp Home with You

The time has come for summer camp to end. It’s been full of adventures, silliness, and memories. But that doesn’t  mean that it has to be gone from your hearts forever. Here are a few ways to keep living the camp life style even as the new school year comes rolling on in. Sing and…

Exploring New World

AstroCamp: the summer frontier. These are the voyages of the campers who attend. Their one or two-week mission: exploring strange new worlds, to seek out new friends and new interests. To boldly go where they have never gone before. There are so many strange new worlds to explore during a summer at AstroCamp, from the…

Technology vs. Technology!

Technology is practically inescapable in today’s day and age. Everyone has a smart phone, computer, tablet, gaming system, or some combination. It is used every single day for communication, entertainment, or as a tool. Here at camp we highly encourage all of our students to put away their electronics and focus on the experience at…

Cooking Up Life Skills

No matter your age, knowing how to cook for yourself is an invaluable skill, and the earlier you start, the easier it is in adulthood. Whenever campers show up on arrival day, they can grab some lemonade or a snack at AstroCantina, but many will return for a cooking class later in the week. This…


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