Craftsmanship at AstroCamp


In this class campers will learn how the ins-and-outs of creating jewelry with exciting tools and materials. Take apart old computers and use the components to make someone special a necklace, or bend soda can tabs into crazy shapes to make a bracelet. Use your own imagination to make stuff for your friends or for yourself.


Learn the basics of sticking two pieces of metal together and creating art with a MIG Welder. Metal Inert Gas welders are one of the easiest ways to join metal. In addition to welding, you will be introduced to cutting it as well with a plasma cutter. The plasma stream travels up to 13,000 miles per hour and is as much as 30,000oF. Our instructor, Dan Romero, is a professional sculptor, and will safely guide you to metal melting and forming success. You will complete a kinetic sculpture project as part of this class. Please visit Dan’s website, to see some of his work.


Wood has been used to construct everything from musical instruments to dwellings since mankind first started building things. It remains one of the premier building materials in the modern world. Learn to use this amazing material. You will cut and join wood in this elective, creating a box that will be laser engraved with your name and the AstroCamp logo. Your instructor, Ralph Hoetger, has run a cabinetmaking business for many years.


When we think of steel, we envision a strong, cold material that bends reluctantly when much force is applied. In this elective you will heat steel to 2000 degrees fahrenheit is a gas forge. At that temperature steel becomes like a stiff putty. You will then use hammer blows to forge (move) the steel and create a decorative hook that you can take home. Your instructor, Allan Tiso, worked in blacksmith shops in his mid twenties and has recently returned to the craft.

Culinary Art

Chef Derek Lund teaches the basics of cooking with a flare for fun. Learn how to amaze your family and friends with gastronomic delights. This is a great place to hang with friends and eat your wonderful creations.

Miniature Character Painting

We all LOVE pen and paper role playing games. In this elective we provide a nice selection of characters and quality paint for you to create your own miniatures for RPG games.

weldingArts & Crafts

Let your creative side shine! Campers can make tie-dye, hemp bracelets and necklaces, dream-catchers and more while hanging with friends around camp.


In this elective you will use the beautiful surrounding areas of AstroCamp as your subject as you learn techniques used by professional illustrators and painters. Using meda such as pastels, colored pencils, paint, and pen and ink, you will develop your own unique style of sketching and painting. Along with enhancing your observational skills, you will have fun drawing and painting objects from the outdoor world around camp.