One Week Program – Crew Nights

It’s 6.00pm. You’ve just had a long day of classes, electives, and everything else that fills in those cracks. Camp Director Brian Straka is yelling about what else is going on that night, when suddenly your counselors start announcing this thing called “Crew Night.” What the world is that? What’s gonna happen?!

The answer — like pretty much everything else at AstroCamp  — is a crazy, fun, ridiculous event that you’re sure to remember. For those of you who missed out or just want to see what the fuss is about, here’s some of what happened during Crew Night in the one-week sessions!

The A Team

It’s all about monsters! The first crew night they’re solving the mystery of Old Man Straka, and the next they’re turning into monsters themselves and going around camp and wreaking havoc! A combination of deduction games, arts and crafts, and simple wanton destruction led the As to have an incredibly fun evening.

Crew Nights

The Bees

Get ready to play some games! In these challenge courses, the B campers transform into honey bees and compete to earn the favor of the queen B. From name games to competitive “Rock, Paper, Scissors,” this night was buzzing with entertainment!

Crew Nights 1

Spy Training

During the C crew night, the older kids learned the ropes of being a secret agent. Their missions, if they chose to accept them, ranged from evading laser wires to eating bags of chips as silently as possible. And it all culminated in sneaking around camp to spy on all the other groups.

Crew Nights 3

In summary, the one-week crew nights were a huge success, with all the kids having an incredible time. It’ll be hard for next year to top it!

Written By: Scott Yarbrough


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