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156Beyond all of the great science, adventure, and hands-on programs that campers experience throughout the day, the camp fun and traditions begin with our one-of-a-kind social program. Each and every night, we’ve planned some amazing summer fun. Crew nights are a chance for campers of the same age to participate in interactive and engaging social activities. On elective nights, campers will choose from a variety of fun, unique programs like Space Art, Rock ‘n’ Roll Rock Wall, Star Trek, and more. The social program kicks into gear during the middle of the session with the Carnival. Counselors go all out decorating our dining hall into an arena of games with a dance floor, and bar. The Carnival theme is picked at the beginning of each summer and both the campers and staff go all out to get dressed up in the spirit of the theme. Of course there is always our good-natured Ugly Counselor competition. And every session ends with everyone’s favorite, our Talent/No Talent show.






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