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Building Character at Camp

Summer at AstroCamp means throwing out preexisting ideas of what people think of you and finding yourself instead. It is a place to build upon you as a person, while being surrounded by a network of positive and inspiring individuals.

AstroCamp prides itself in being a safe space for campers to be the people they want to be. It is a community based off of openness, respect, understanding, and acceptance. This summer is a great time to branch out, try new things, and ultimately take steps toward discovering your own voice, who you are, and who you want to be. Don’t hold yourself to a standard that is impossible to reach, or confine yourself in a box that society has tried to label. Create your own label…or don’t!

Don’t be afraid to be silly and goofy, or color your hair and paint your nails. Just because some people consider it “normal” doesn’t mean that you have to too. What is normal anyway? And why does someone else get to tell you what that means?! While at AstroCamp, learn about yourself by fueling your imagination, asking questions, and accepting those that are different from yourself.

Building Character Through Craftsmanship

At AstroCamp, we specialize in getting kids involved in activities that they might not usually try. One of our most popular electives is blacksmithing. Campers practice their craft under the supervision of experienced instructors, heating metal to over a thousand degrees Fahrenheit before shaping it with hammer and anvil.


It’s hard work, and rewarding. Student blacksmiths choose, plan, and execute their projects with the guidance and support of blacksmithing specialists. They brave the heat of the forge & summer sun to work on their designs, which vary from jewelry to grappling hooks and everything in between.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 10.36.46 AM

Craftsmanship programs like this one provide a balance of tangible and intangible benefits. Blacksmithing, for instance, is a unique confidence-building experience. Campers learn best safety practices in the face of real consequences and endure intense environmental conditions as they work toward their goals. On top of life skills gained, they walk away with lasting evidence of their efforts.

Written By: Caela Barry


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