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AstroCamp Lights and Lasers

Ever stepped foot in our Lights and Lasers classroom? There are so many cool activities inside that it might be overwhelming. From ultraviolet lights to lasers criss-crossing the room, this classroom offers tons of opportunities for hands-on learning. Light comes in many forms, but even the visible spectrum is made up of many different energies. In fact, every color of light that you can see is made up of a unique wavelength and energy. But you don’t have to take our word for it!

Lights and Lasers Glow Wall

The more energy light has, the more it will cause the wall to glow! For instance, violet is a more energetic color than red, so a violet flashlight will do a much better job causing the wall to illuminate than a red flashlight will. Campers will perform this experiment and learn for themselves about different energies of light.

Light also has very predictable properties, such as its tendency to travel in straight lines. This causes our eyes to perceive the world upside-down — our brain usually fixes this for us so we don’t get confused! But in this class, we have specially-built goggles that invert our view of the world. Campers will use these goggles to perform seemingly simple tasks such as tossing bean bags, walking across the meadow, or dueling with pool noodles.

Lights and Lasers Goggles

Lights and Lasers is a valuable part of summer camp. It allows kids to experience the phenomena associated with light while working together and having fun. This is one of many classes that will teach skills that campers will carry for the rest of their lives. Lights and lasers is available during summer and school year.

Written by Amanda Williams and Scott Yarbrough

Lasers and Fiber Optics

Lasers are awesome! We use them for medicine, science, and even entertainment.  But one of the most practical uses for a laser is the transmission of information.  The information can come in a variety of different forms, from music to television to internet.  This idea of information transfer just using light shouldn’t come as much of a shock.  Radio stations have been transmitting information using light waves for over a century.  Lasers just take this technology to the next level, allowing more data to be transferred at a quicker rate.  While radio waves can pass through most everyday objects, laser light would be blocked and the information lost.  To solve this problem engineers have invented the fiber optic cable.

A fiber optic cable is constructed in such a way that laser light cannot escape it, even though the cable is transparent.  We call this “total internal reflection”, meaning any light from inside the cable gets bounced back into the cable.  Long strings of fiber optic cables allow laser information to travel very far with very little loss of information.  If you have HD television or high speed internet, chances are that you are using a fiber optic cable and you don’t even know it.  Yay technology!


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