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Tie-Dye Arts & Crafts

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” -Albert Einstein

Arts & Crafts is a staple of summer camp, and campers all across the country are exploring their creative side daily.  AstroCamp is no exception, especially because of the importance of imagination and creativity in science. 

Art cultivates connections, uncovers patterns and reveals new ways of seeing things.  These are exactly the tools every good scientist needs. 

What does every artist need? A great space to inspire creativity.  A new area called, “The Space Creative” was designed and built for Summer 2015. Along with Arts & Crafts, “The Space Creative”, is home to our brand new pottery class.  Under the guidance of professional potters, Esther Smith http://estherannsmith.com/ and Erik Gellert http://erikhubertgellert.com/, campers will experiment with a variety of pottery techniques and glazes, learn about firing process, and create their own clay masterpieces on the pottery wheel and by handbuilding. 


With so many creative and hands-on classes now at AstroCamp, campers may need a separate suitcase to carry home all of their creations.  From blacksmithing to welding to 3-D printing and pottery, the days of going home with just a tie-dye t-shirt are long gone.  Just wait to see what we add for Summer 2016!

5 Step DIY Tie Dye T-Shirts

DIY Tie Dye shirts are very popular here at AstroCamp especially during summer camp.  We want to take you through the process of making one of these awesome shirts. Only 5 Steps and your done!

Step 1: Make a solution of water and soda ash and soak the T shirt in it for 20 minutes.  The soda ash will bond with the dye and cause it to permanently stick to the fabric.  If you do not have soda ash then baking soda will work as a substitute but your colors won’t be quite as bright.


Step 2:  Twist and twirl and otherwise be creative with your shirt and rubber band it into place.  Different swirling patterns will change the pattern of the finished product.  This shirt will end up in a bulls eye pattern.


Step 3:  Apply the dye to the shirt.  The rubber bands can often be good guides for where to stop with one color and start another.


Step 4: Wrap the shirt in saran wrap and let it sit overnight.  After that rinse and hang the shirt until it is dry and ready to wear!


Step 5: Show it off to all of your friends!  ENJOY! If you want to do the same process then you can create tie dye pillow cases, bandanas, pants and more. Enjoy!


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